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NV Niacinamide Serun



1. Ative Ingredients

NV Niacinamide (10%)

2. Benefits

Adjuvant in the care of atopic dermatitis and rosacea;

Cellular renewal;

Protection against blue light;

Treatment of vulgar acne;

Antioxidant properties;

Whitening action.

3. Properties

Produto Cruelty free
Cruelty Free


The NV Niacinamide 10% Serum is an elegantly sensory facial serum developed with innovative technology, whose combination of the active ingredient NV Niacinamide with a serum base effectively aids in the care of atopic dermatitis and rosacea, as well as promoting skin whitening. The NV Niacinamide 10% Serum enables intelligent and safe delivery of the active ingredient to the target of action, ensuring greater efficacy of the cosmetic.


The NV Niacinamide nanoparticle is characterized by a median size greater than 200 nm. In addition to safety, they offer protection to the active ingredient against hydrolysis, common to carbonyl structures such as Niacinamide. The encapsulation of the active ingredient ensures stability and greater product efficacy. Another advantage of NV Niacinamide is the improvement of skin permeation of the substance, which reaches the dermis in its active form without losses due to degradation. With greater compatibility with chemical ingredients, NV Niacinamide is a superior alternative for cosmetic formulations.

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