Nanovetores Group is an innovative company established in Brazil known for the development of nano and microencapsulated active ingredients.

Nanovetores Group is an innovative company established in Brazil known for the development of nano and microencapsulated active ingredients. We maximize the performance of the active ingredients granting protection, deeper permeation and control over the release of the active compound.

Our company is committed to sustainability, all our products are designed and produced in clean and green processes. The products are manufactured using only water as solvent, the process is completely free from organic solvents, which grants safety for the environment and final users.

Our Research, Development and Innovation team counts with renowned professionals with more than 15 years of international experience and expertise in active ingredient encapsulation systems. In addition, our company sectors work synergically to provide the most appropriate solutions for each need in a fast and proactive way.



Partner, Founder, and Chief Technical Officer - President of Nanovetores, graduated in Pharmacy at UFSC with emphasis on Pharmaceutical Technology and Nanotechnology. She also has a doctorate from UFSC and Université Bordeaux, France, with post-doctorate at UFSC, in the same area. She is married to Ricardo Henrique Ramos, business administrator by ESAG/UDESC, Partner, Founder, and Nanovetores CEO.  Ricardo has an entrepreneurial spirit and makes the entire administration of the company, while Dr. Betina occupies all the technical part of the product.

Together complementing each other skills, they invested in Nanovetores and developed the art of encapsulated active ingredients with natural and biodegradable material with a focus on biodiversity and using water as the solvent, increasing the efficacy of products, providing a long-term result and the success of an innovative production process on a global scale. That's why we're on five continents and exporting to more than 26 countries.


Nanovetores has built a successful history since 2008. We have won several Prizes and Awards that highlight the innovative differential and the versatility of our technology.

This, combined with the creative potential of our team, provided the expansion in the segments of cosmetics and other industrial segments.



Nanovetores is globally present, the solution fits perfectly in the global cosmetic industry.

The high efficacy and safety of our active ingredients enable new possibilities to brands who are interested in innovating and delivering the best results to their customers. We have distributors over 26 countries, contact us for more information.



Innovation | Nanotechnology

The encapsulated products are considered highly technological raw materials that can integrate the formulation of several products. In addition to the use in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and textile industries, encapsulated raw materials can also be used in food and veterinary products.

Florianópolis | Sapiens Park

Florianópolis is being consolidated as the main technological hub of technological development in Brazil. The capital of Santa Catarina gains notoriety in the domestic and international markets. In this way, we are at Inovalab, located within the Sapiens Park Innovation Center, conceptualized as the largest technology and innovation Park in Brazil. A place where entrepreneurship, innovation, competitiveness and creativity unite with the main economic sectors of Florianópolis.


The support of the public sector was important, the Pappe Subvention was fundamental for the activities of Nanovetores. The trajectory of Nanovetores confirms the importance of scientific research and the excellent results of the University partnership and Innovation Market.


An industry that respects the environment and can mix high technology and nature in a very synergistic way. We use clean technology with natural materials, biocompatible, biodegradable, aqueous based and with a rigorous control of the protection of active ingredients. A benchmark for innovation and sustainable development.


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