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We innovate with Sustainability to transform people's lives

We are inspired by and use the best of nature to offer excitement and well-being to every type of beauty. The result of the union of innovation, high technology, and raw materials of extreme quality.

Ingredientes naturais
medical organic herbal cosmetics natural ingredientes

We transform lives

It involves, protects, stimulates and activates. The innovative technology developed by Nanovetores to transform the people's lives.

People's well-being and quality of life are related to different aspects of life. The most useful technologies and innovations have a purpose, to help people feel better, live better, and enjoy their lives. Nanovetores' technology was created with this as the first guideline, and this is what we pursues in each segment.


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Maior permeação do ativo
Gatilho agua.png
Gatilho ph.png
Gatilho temperatura.png
Gatilho Fricção.png
Gatilho Enzimatico.png
Gatilho Luz.png
Eficacia na tecnologia

Our technology allows a prolonged release of active ingredients through 6 innovative and specific triggers.


Gatilho Agua

Adding water triggers the release of nanoencapsulated active ingredients.
Example: Our Instant Base has a self-emulsifying action. When water is added, it forms a smooth, glossy, homogeneous cream.



Gatilho PH

pH variation leads to the capsules breaking,
releasing the active ingredients.
For example, sweating causes a variation in the
skin's pH, this change will release the active


Gatilho Temperatura

A heat source promotes the temperature variation of the capsule, releasing the active ingredient.
Example: hair dryers or flat irons.



Gatilho Enzimatico

Enzymes promote the breakdown of capsules, releasing the active in the deeper layers of the skin in a prolonged way. This trigger allows the controlled and sustained release of active ingredients, ensuring superior benefits and no irritability.


Gatilho Friccao

Friction in the capsules promotes its breakage and release of the active ingredient. We develop
encapsulated fragrances that, after friction, release a stronger aroma. The biocompatible composition of these capsules makes them safe
for personal care application.



Gatilho exposiçaão á luz

Exposure to light triggers the release of the actives from the capsules, and can be used, for example, in sunscreens to ensure the release of the active only when there is exposure to light.

Química verde


Our production process is based on Green Chemistry, being water-based and free of organic solvents, totally sustainable. We do not generate waste that could be harmful to users or the environment.

Proteção do ativo

Performance and Security

Essential Oils, Vitamins, Acids and Natural Extracts are highly oxidative substances that degrade rapidly and constantly react with the environment and other cosmetic compounds (light, oxygen, packaging, preservatives, fragrances, surfactants, etc.). By encapsulating it, we guarantee the stability of the active ingredients and protect them from possible reactions with the formulation or with the environment.

Greater Permeation

Encapsulation ensures better permeation of the active ingredients in the skin. Unlike active ingredients in their free form, encapsulated active ingredients can surpass the stratum corneum layer, reaching the epidermis and providing maximum benefits.

Permeação do ativo

Surface Charge Control

Encapsulation ensures better permeation of the active ingredients in the skin. Unlike active ingredients in their free form, encapsulated active ingredients can surpass the stratum corneum layer, reaching the epidermis and providing maximum benefits.

controle de carga superficial do ativo

Safe Particles

We work with labile, biocompatible, and biodegradable particles, larger than 200nm (nanometers), which do not pose a risk to users or the environment.

particulas seguras


We control the size of the particles, ensuring uniformity in the size of the active ingredient nanoparticles and ensuring that they all have the proper permeation for each specific benefit and ensuring that all have the proper permeation for each specific benefit.

Monodispersidade das particulas[]

Multifunctional Particles

The primary function of capsules is to protect the active ingredients and increase their permeation. But Nanovetores capsules are multifunctional, they work synergistically with the encapsulated ingredients to increase the benefits of their use.

There are two types of capsules:

Particula Lipídica

Lipid Particle, Multifunctionality:
Hydration and High Permeation

Particula Biopolimerica

Biopolymer Particle, Multifunctionality:
Skin Firmness and Capillary Adhesion

Morphological Control

We have developed different types of particles for different applications.

Controle_Morfologico_Nanovetores (1).png

Occlusive Surface

Vesicular Interior

Porous Surface

Matrix Interior

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Nanovetores is a company that produces high performance active ingredients for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. 

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