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NV Cysteamine Serum



1. Ative Ingredients

NV Cysteamine 15 (10%)

2. Benefits

Treatment of hyperpigmentation and melasma;


Lightening of spots;

Evens out skin tone.

3. Properties

Produto Cruelty free
Cruelty Free


NV Cysteamine Serum is a facial serum developed with innovative technology, with a pleasant sensorial feel, easy permeability, and easy spreadability, combining a serum base with a nano-encapsulated active ingredient that enhances spot lightening and melasma treatment. This active ingredient is NV Cysteamine 15, which, in addition to enhancing the whitening effect, brings the following advantages: Reduction of the product's characteristic odor due to its chemical composition; product stabilization due to nano-encapsulation, which promotes safety to the active ingredient; better adherence to treatment and maintenance of the barrier function, preventing transepidermal water loss.


The active ingredient NV Cysteamine 15 promotes an improvement in permeation and diffusion through the skin layers. The fact that it is a nano-encapsulated active ingredient improves permeation, and the continuous and controlled release ensures long-lasting benefits. NV Cysteamine 15 penetrates the skin in a protected manner until the dermal-epidermal junction, where it is gradually released by the action of enzymatic triggers. Once released, cysteamine interacts with melanocytes and inhibits essential melanogenic enzymes, reducing melanin production, and generating a powerful antioxidant effect, resulting in skin lightening.

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