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IN Pearls Vitamin C



1. Ative Ingredients

Nano VCPMG3 (10%)

2. Benefits



Fights sagging;

Antioxidant action.

3. Properties

Cruelty Free
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NV Pearls Vitamin C contains the active ingredient magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, an water soluble ester derived from Vitamin C with greater stability than ascorbic acid in both heat and light. The active ingredient has numerous benefits to the skin, such as whitening and excellent antioxidants, fighting the damage caused by free radicals, and preventing skin aging. Furthermore, it promotes the synthesis of collagen, an important structural protein in the skin, responsible for skin firmness and elasticity.

NV Pearls are able to optimize the actions of the encapsulated active ingredients in anti-aging products, helping to smooth wrinkles and expression lines. It also increases the antioxidant potential of the nanotechnology active ingredients contained in it. The product was developed to provide new and sophisticated cosmetic experiences.


Encapsulation of the asset through the nanoparticle protects it from interactions with the medium, avoiding unwanted reactions and causing it to be delivered and act only on the action target. Nanoencapsulation ensures greater solubility, greater stability, bioavailability, and functionality of assets. All this reflects the maximum effectiveness of the cosmetic asset.

One of the benefits of nanoencapsulation is that due to the small size of the particles, they confer greater surface area and greater effectiveness, facilitating the penetration into tissues such as skin, hair, and nails, optimizing the application of active ingredients. In addition, nanoparticles can increase the spreadability of the product on the skin, providing a pleasant sensory. The formulators, they bring practicality and less complexity in the development stage.

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