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IN Pearls Symbiocaps LA



1. Ative Ingredients

Symbiocaps LA (5%)

2. Benefits

Assistance in the treatment of acne and rosacea; Hydration;

Minimization of enlarged pores;

Regulation of skin pH and microbiota;

Protection against external aggressions.

3. Properties

Cruelty Free


NV PEARLS SYMBIOCAPS LA combines two market novelties to bring a product that stands out for its differentiated approach. Combining the protective power of probiotics with the stability of nanotechnology and the luxurious and efficient characteristics of IN PEARLS, NV PEARLS SYMBIOCAPS LA comes with the proposal of caring for the skin while beautifying it, generating a synergy rarely found in the market.

NV PEARLS SYMBIOCAPS LA contains the probiotic Lactobacillus acidophillus encapsulated in biopolymeric particles. By definition, a probiotic is a microorganism that when consumed in adequate amounts will confer some type of health benefit, which applies to the active ingredient of the formulation, which is already present in adequate amounts in the composition of NV PEARLS SYMBIOCAPS and brings several benefits.

The skin is the interface of the body with the environment, being critical in perception and immunogenic action, and constantly being the first organ to suffer from environmental threats. Therefore, it is crucial that treatments do not cause side effects, which is one of the advantages of using probiotics, which, as they already naturally exist in the skin, do not cause unwanted effects. Among the benefits brought by the action of probiotics, the first of them is the formation of a protective barrier on the skin, which also "steals" the space that pathogens could have on the skin, thus positively increasing the selectivity of the cutaneous microbiota, in addition to producing peptides that support the immune response of the skin and eliminate pathogens. Not only do probiotics prevent infections, but their topical application has been proven to treat infections such as acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, and rosacea by increasing the production of ceramides, anti-inflammatory cytokines, and peptides in the skin, also producing bactericidal substances on their own and inhibiting pro-inflammatory cytokines. The increase in the levels of beneficial substances in the skin also contributes to the regulation of the level of matrix metalloproteinases in the skin, which prevents photoaging by UV rays and the formation of wrinkles, in addition to a moisturizing effect, minimizing enlarged pores, and regulating pH.


The encapsulation of the probiotic with NANOVETORES technology ensures protection for the microorganisms, considerably increasing their viability. Therefore, NV PEARLS SYMBIOCAPS LA provides better performance of the probiotic while pleasing with its attractive sensitivity and shine.


The encapsulation of the active ingredient through the nanoparticle protects it from interactions with the environment, avoiding unwanted reactions and allowing it to be delivered and act only on the target of action. Nanoencapsulation ensures greater solubility, stability, bioavailability, and functionality of the active ingredients. All of this reflects in the maximum effectiveness of the cosmetic active ingredient.

One of the benefits of nanoencapsulation is that due to the diminutive size of the particles, they confer greater surface area and effectiveness, facilitating penetration into tissues such as skin, hair, and nails, and optimizing the application of active ingredients. Additionally, nanoparticles can increase the spreadability of the product on the skin, providing a pleasant sensory experience. For formulators, they bring practicality and less complexity in the development stage.

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