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NV Nails ECO


1. Ative Ingredients

Essential Oils of Malaleuca;

Essential Oils of Lemongrass;

Essential Oils of Clove;

2. Benefits

Antifungal action;





3. Usage



Liquid base;

4. Properties

Produto Vegano
Produto Cruelty free
Cruelty free
Cdial Halal

NV Nails ECO

NV Nails ECO is a blend of active ingredients encapsulated in lipid particles with particle diameter larger than 200 nm.
The blend encapsulation through the technology developed by Nanovetores allows the stabilization of sensitive components, therefore, complex of being formulated in their free form.
The ingredients act to combat leukonychia, as well as in the repair and strengthening of nails in general.
Due to its natural features and non-existent chemical aggression, NV Nails ECO can be used daily providing in continuous applications, the repair of damaged, dull,and brittle nails.

NV Nails ECO is a natural cosmetic ingredient consisting of a blend of essential oils of lemongrass, melaleuca, and clove, encapsulated in high permeation nanoparticles, which promote the repair of damaged nails, with dull, whitish, and brittle appearance, usually diagnosed as leukonychia.Product efficacy for application on nails is compromised by the complexity of the nail structure that hampers the access of active ingredients. The technology developed and patented by Nanovetores, present in NV Nails ECO, promotes increased permeation of the active ingredients' nanocapsules to the deeper layers of the nail plate, where the active ingredient will have an effective, safe,and fast action.


Clove Oil

Clove is a dried flower bud from a tree native to the Moluccas, Indonesia. The properties of its essential oil are attributed to its main constituent, eugenol, which has an important antibacterial and antifungal effect.

Óleo de Cravo

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass is a plant originally from Asia, mainly from India. From it is extracted an essential oil whose main component is Citral (Geraniol) largest responsible for anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties of this oil

Melaleuca Essential

The main component of Melaleuca essential oil is terpinen-4-ol, which, according to studies, is responsible for antimicrobial and antiseptic actions that occur through a leukocyte activation mechanism. Its antimicrobial action includes fungi, yeasts, gram-negative bacteria, and the herpes simplex virus. According to HAMMER, Melaleuca essential oil can cause allergic reactions in predisposed individuals. These reactions are caused not by the oil itself, but due to oxidation reaction byproducts that occur by exposure of components to light and oxygen. Encapsulation of the active ingredient promotes controlled release and protects the interaction with the other components of the formula and the environment, preventing oxidation and avoiding potential skin irritation. Encapsulation also promotes occlusion of the characteristic odor of Melaleuca essential oil, ensuring improved sensory experience of the end product.

Oleo essencial de melaleuca

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