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NV Liss


1. Ative Ingredients

Onion extract, Urea, Glycerin, and Hyaluronic Acid.

2. Benefits

Shielding action;

Capillary mass increase;

Disciplining effect on hair strands;

Coloring protection;

Temporary straightening.

3. Usage

Finishing products;

Shampoos e conditioners;

Hair masks;


Aqueous solutions.

4. Properties

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Produto Cruelty free
Cruelty Free
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Preservative Free


NV Liss is a blend of actives encapsulated in biopolymer particles with particle diameters greater than 200 nm. The encapsulation of the blend through the technology developed by Nanovetores allows the stabilization of sensitive and complex components to be formulated. The active ingredient consists of cationic particles with high capillary affinity containing onion extract, urea, and glycerin. Due to its natural characteristics and the lack of chemical aggression, the NV Liss can be used daily, providing in the continuous application a healthy, shiny, and efficient straightening of the hair strands.

NV Liss is a blend composed of onion extract, urea, and glycerin, consisting of cationic particles, that is, positively charged particles, which have high capillary affinity due to the negative charge of the hair strands.

The hair is basically composed of keratin, a protein characterized by its high content of sulfur derived from cysteine. This protein forms a cross-linked network through disulfide bridges, which gives the hair some mechanical and chemical resistance. Thus, many of the hair's morphological structures vary in their physical and chemical characteristics because of the content of sulfur bridges.


The onion extract is rich in sulfur, which acts on temporary hair relaxation. 

The urea is an organic compound synthesized from ammonia and carbon dioxide. It is used in dermo-cosmetics to promote hydration and has an effect on hair growth.

Glycerin is a tri-alcohol that can be found in vegetable oils of coconut, palm, soy, and olive. The applications and benefits of glycerin are focused on hydration and emollience, lubricating properties.

NV Liss, for being constitute of nanoparticles, has the ability to penetrate the capillary cortex (local where the keratin disulfide bonds are found) where the intense heating promoted by the use of hair straighteners (flat iron) or hair dryer promotes degradation of ammonia urea, temporarily breaking the sulfur bridges. Such a reaction in the presence of NV Liss offers the possibility of reconnection from the sulfur atoms present in the onion extract, promoting inline modeling of the hair strands. Through thermo-activation, the glycerin in association with the capsule material consolidates and reinforces the strands modeling by forming a continuous film, able to provide mechanical alignment, intense shine, repair, and silkiness. These effects can resist 4 to 5 washes. By the natural characteristic of NV Liss components and by the non-existent chemical aggression, the active NV Liss can be used daily providing, in continuous applications, a healthy, shiny, and efficient straightening.

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