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NV Hyaluronic Acid ECO


1. Ative Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid.

2. Benefits

Skin benefits:


Wrinkle filling;



Enhancement and restoration of facial volume.

Hair benefits:

Restructures keratin fibers;

Improves hair elasticity;

Assists chemically treated or damaged hair.

3. Usage

For the skin:

Primers; creams, sunscreens, and serums.

For hair:

Shampoos, conditioners, hair finishers, and hair masks.

4. Properties

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Produto Cruelty free
Cruelty free
Cdial Halal

NV Hyaluronic Acid ECO

NV Hyaluronic Acid ECO is composed of sodium hyaluronate encapsulated in biopolymeric particles with a diameter greater than 200nm. Encapsulation through the technology developed by Nanovetores allows for the stabilization of sensitive and complex components that are difficult to formulate in their free form. The active ingredient can be incorporated into skin formulations, where it promotes wrinkle filling and hydration, and also in hair products, improving hair elasticity.

NV Hyaluronic Acid ECO consists of encapsulated sodium hyaluronate, which is a well-established raw material for skin and hair treatments. Sodium hyaluronate is a sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, a polysaccharide of the class of glycosaminoglycans, present in various organisms, mainly in the eyes and umbilical cord. It is used in the skin for wrinkle filling and hydration.


Hyaluronic acid has a high capacity to bind to water molecules, forming a cohesive block. Topical application of the acid, due to this ability to form a cohesive block with water, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enhances and restores facial volume, making the skin smoother, firmer, and rejuvenated. The active ingredient also has an antioxidant effect, as it acts as a scavenger of free radicals, increasing skin protection against UV radiation and contributing to increased tissue repair capacity.

NV Hyaluronic Acid ECO is a multifunctional active ingredient that can be used in various applications, promoting wrinkle reduction with anti-aging, tensor, and skin lifting action. In formulations for hair treatment and care, hyaluronic acid can assist in the restructuring of keratin fibers, improving hair elasticity, and is especially indicated for chemically treated or damaged hair.

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