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NV HyaloCollagreen


1. Ative Ingredients

Vegan Collagen;

Hyaluronic Acid.

2. Benefits

Antiaging action;

Facial filling effect;

Wrinkle reduction;

Reduction of expression lines;

Increases collagen synthesis;

Improves skin elasticity;

Antioxidant action;

Combats sagging;

Enhances and restores facial volume, in regions such as cheekbone an lip contour;

Firmer skin;

Improves skin elasticity;

For hair , restores an hydrates.

3. Usage

NV HyaloCollagreen IF:

Anhydrous formulas such as lipsticks, sticks, sunscreens, primers, serums and deodorants.

NV HyaloCollagreen ECO:

Primers, creams, shampoos, conditioners; 

serums, hair finishers and masks.

4. Properties

Produto Vegano
Produto Cruelty free
Cruelty free
Cdial Halal

NV HyaloCollagreen

NV HyaloCollagreen is a blend of actives composed of vegan collagen and hyaluronic acid encapsulated in biopolymeric particles with a diameter greater than 200nm. The encapsulation through the technology developed by Nanovetores allows the stabilization of sensitive components complex to be formulated in their free form.
The blend can be incorporated in several formulations for cosmetics, where it promotes wrinkle filling, improves hydration, skin elasticity, reduces sagging and promotes the collagen synthesis. The natural characteristics and non-toxicity of the product enable its daily use, delivering efficacy safely.
For greater application flexibility, we have two versions of NV Hyalocolagreen, which can be used in the different formulas.
NV HyaloCollagreen IF - Anhydrous bases (water--free): stick products (sunscreen, lipsticks, deodorant, etc.).
NV HyaloCollagreen ECO - Aqueous bases such as: 
creams, serums, shampoos, etc.

Active Ingredient

Hyaluronic Acid

Sodium hyaluronate is a sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, a polysaccharide of the glucose-minoglycans class, present in seve ral organisms, primarily inside the eyes and in the umbilical cord, is used in the skin to fill wrinkles and moisturize.
Hyaluronic acid has a high capacity to bind to the water molecule forming a cohesive block. It works as a humectant and keeps water molecules on the skin surface to maintain hydration. Prevents TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss), keeping the skin hydrated, ensuring that water does not escape from the skin surface. The topical acid application, due to this ability to form a cohesive block with water, decreases the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, enhances, and restores facial volume, making the skin smoother, firmer and rejuvenated.

The active also has antioxidant effect, because it acts as a sequester of free radicals, increases the protection of the skin in relation to radiation and contributes to the increase of tissue repair capacity.

Vegan Collagen

Vegan collagen is made through the yeast fermentation, a eukaryotic microorganism that presents no safety risks of animal virus infection, and no endotoxin to the human body, being extremely safe for cosmetic applications.
Collagen molecules contain a large number of hydrophilic functional groups with excellent moisture absorption properties. Collagen peptides form a film on the skin surface, reducing water loss in the epidermal layer, providing instant and long-lasting hydration.
Collagen can be found between the interstitial tissues of the skin, increasing skin firmness, improving elasticity, reducing pores, wrinkles and expression lines. It promotes dermal cells growth and repairs damaged tissues from aging, maintains the moisture integrity of the stratum corneum and of the 

fiber structure. The collagen peptide contains phenolic hydroxyl, which is an analogue substrate of tyrosinase, inhibits the activity of tyrosinase and reduces melanin formation.

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