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NV Eyelashes ECO


1. Ative Ingredients

Jaborandi Extract.

2. Benefits

Strengthens the eyebrows and eyelashes;

Activates the hair bulbs;

Eyelashes and Eyebrows growth.

3. Usage

Eyelashes primers and masks;




4. Properties

Produto Vegano
Produto Cruelty free
Cruelty free
Cdial Halal
Biodiversidade Brasileira
Brazilian Biodiversity

NV Eyelashes Eco

NV Eyelashes ECO is an active ingredient encapsulated in biopolymeric particles with a diameter greater than 200 nm. 
Encapsulation using the technology developed by Nanovetores enables the stabilization of sensitive components. The active acts synergistically on the hair follicles and strands, allowing the growth and regeneration of the hair strands in a healthy way. The active´s utilization ensures the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as maintaining the hair strands health and skin hidration.

Jaborandi Extract

O The jaborandi is a bush or grove native from Brazil, occurring on the North and Northeast regions, especially in the states of Maranhão, Pará and Piauí. The Jaborandi leaves contain the substance policarpine, which is an alkaloid used in herbal medicine, with sudorific, diuretic, salivation inducing and hair revitalizing properties. In addition to that, it acts on the circulation and nutrition of the hair bulb, promoting softness and preventing hair loss. Therefore, the Jaborandi is a great candidate for the strengthening and growth of the eyelashes and eyebrows, promoting longer and more resistant hair strands because of its properties, which are reinforced by the active´s encapsulation. 

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