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NV Cellulitech ECO


1. Ative Ingredients

Arnica Montana Oil;

Palmarosa Essential Oil.

Green Tea Oil;


2. Benefits

Cellulite treatment;

Improves blood flow;

Reduce body measures;

Draining, anti-inflammatory, and anti-free radicals action.

Reduces lipogenesis and activates lipolysis;


3. Usage

Gels and cream gels;

Emulsions in general.

4. Properties

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Produto Cruelty free
Cruelty Free
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Cdial Halal


NV Cellulitech ECO is a blend of active ingredients encapsulated in lipid particles with a particle diameter greater than 200nm. The blend encapsulation through Nanovetores Technology allows the stabilization of sensitive and complex components to be formulated in free form. The active blend of Nano Cellulitech acts synergistically in the treatment of cellulite and the reduction of measures, providing a draining, anti-inflammatory, free anti-radical action, reducing lipogenesis, and activating lipolysis with significant improvement of microcirculation.

The active blend of NV Cellulitech ECO acts synergistically in the treatment of gynoid lipodystrophy and the reduction of measures, conferring a draining, anti-inflammatory, anti-free radicals action, reducing lipogenesis, activating lipolysis with significant improvement of microcirculation. Gynoid lipodystrophy, commonly known as cellulite, is a change in fatty tissue with the appearance of deformations in the skin similar to the appearance of orange peel. It can occur in any region of the body, however, it is more frequent in the region of the glutes and thighs and affects more women than men. Topical cellulite treatments include several agents and mechanisms of action, starting with those that activate microcirculation, reduce lipogenesis, promote lipolysis, restore the normal structure of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, and agents that eliminate free radicals or prevent their formation.


Arnica Montana Essential Oil

Arnica Montana essential oil has a proven anti-inflammatory action and has among its main components flavonoids such as quercetin and its derivatives, sesquiterpenes, lactones, alcohols, carotenoids, essential oil, inulin, tannins, among other constituents.

Palmarosa Essential Oil

The Palmarosa Essential Oil is rich in geraniol, and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity, also acting on toning cell regeneration, and skin lightening.

Green Tea Oil

It is rich in polyphenols (bioflavonoids) and catechins, mainly epigallocatechin-3-O-gallate, the Green Tea Oil acts synergistically with caffeine, potentiating lipolytic action by inhibiting phosphodiesterase, an enzyme that degrades cAMP, a type of cell messenger. Known for being a potent antioxidant, green tea oil helps neutralize the action of free radicals that act on skin aging, mainly caused by UV radiation.⁷ This oil also stimulates keratinocytes, which act in the cell renewal process, normalizing the speed of skin regeneration.⁸ In addition, catechins also promote activation of the microcirculation.


Caffeine is an alkaloid of the group of methylxanthines, substances that are characterized by being agents that reduce lipogenesis and promote lipolysis. In addition to having an astringent action, and promoting cleanliness and balance of the skin, caffeine is regenerative and improves blood microcirculation.

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