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NV Caffeine ECO


1. Ative Ingredients


2. Benefits

Improves skin appearance and firmness;

Improves microcirculation;

Reduces body measurements;

Lypolitic action;

Helps in reducing dark circles;

Protects the skin from photoaging.

3. Usage





4. Properties

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Cruelty free
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NV Caffeine EC0

NV Caffeine ECO is an active ingredient encapsulated in biopolymer particles with a diameter greater than 200nm. Because it is a hydrophilic substance, caffeine tends to precipitate depending on its vehicle and may form non redispersible agglomerates. Nanovetores’ encapsulation technology allows the stabilization of sensitive components from being formulated on their free form, improving their incorporation into cosmetics, making them more effective. 
The continuous application of NV Caffeine ECO provides the activation of lipolysis with significant microcirculation and cellulite aspect improvement, and also improvement of hyperpigmentation and periorbital swelling (dark circles). Therefore, NV Caffeine ECO application versatility is an innovative tool for cosmetic formulations.
NV Caffeine ECO contains caffeine active (Figure 1), a potent measurements-reducing agent. Which in

addition to is lipolytic activity, it stands out for its ability to combat ultraviolet(UV) damage, and thus protects the skin from photoaging, improving strength, resilience and skin elasticity¹. With astringent action, caffeine promotes skin balance and improves blood microcirculation.


Caffeine, an alkaloid from the methylxanthines group, which occurs naturally in coffee, tea and chocolate, with relevant effects on various cellular biochemical processes. Some of these effects include: inhibition of phosphodiesterase and cAMP accumulation; reduction of the mutagenic effect of that induced by UV; antioxidant 
effects and influence on DNA repair. Studys also show the caffeine’s protective booster effect in sunscreens, with spectral range between 244 and 295 nm, and increased chemical stability of the formula components, being these mechanisms responsible for its skin protection against photoaging caused by UV induction.

Caffeine also stands out among the substances that are characterized for being agents that reduce lipogenesis and promote lipolysis.

This way, NV Caffeine ECO is a versatile and high-performance option, with greater stability and more effective permeation, and acts in the aging process by stimulating cell regeneration, actives blood circulation, reduces swelling, improves dark circles appearance and has a potent action in combating cellulite and localized fat.

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