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Instant Capilar



1. Ative Ingredients

Instant Argan - NV Argan IF (2%);

Instant Glossy - NV Glossy IF (2%);

Instant Hyalocollagreen - NV Hyalocollagreen ECO(2%);

Instant Smooth - NV Smooth IF (2%)

2. Benefits


Intense shine;



Anti-hair loss;

Reduction of hair frizz and volume;

Protection against hair dryness;



Intense shine;





Increases collagen synthesis;

Antioxidant action;

Strengthening of hair strands;




Intense shine;



Reduction of hair frizz;




The different INSTANT products feature various vegetable oils in their composition, each providing highly beneficial properties for their common goal: promoting hair wellness and beautification. Among the presented selection of products, each one has standout qualities, such as the excellent protection against breakage and dryness provided by INSTANT ARGAN, the imparting of shine and softness by INSTANT GLOSSY, the resistance and hydration provided by INSTANT HYALOCOLLAGREEN, and the hair shielding promoted by INSTANT SMOOTH.

Present in INSTANT products, hyaluronic acid plays an important role in cellular adhesion in the skin and hair, directly influencing the growth of these cells. Hyaluronic acid can aid in the restructuring of keratin fibers, improving hair elasticity, and is especially recommended for chemically treated or damaged hair. In addition to its interactions with the dry constituents of hair, hyaluronic acid, due to its hydrophilic structure, has the ability to form cohesive blocks with water, providing good water retention and contributing to hair hydration. It also has antioxidant effects, acting as a scavenger of free radicals and contributing to the increase of tissue repair capacity, meaning it has a pronounced anti-aging effect.


Encapsulation of the active ingredient through nanoparticles protects it from interactions with the environment, avoiding undesired reactions and allowing it to be delivered and act only at the target site. Nanoencapsulation ensures greater solubility, stability, bioavailability, and functionality of the active ingredients. All of these factors reflect maximum efficacy of the cosmetic active.

One of the benefits of nanoencapsulation is that due to the diminutive size of the particles, there is a greater available surface area and consequently better interaction with the substrate, which provides greater effectiveness and facilitates penetration into tissues such as skin, hair, and nails, optimizing the application of the active ingredients. Additionally, nanoparticles can increase the spreadability of the product on the skin, providing a pleasant sensory experience. For formulators, they bring practicality and lower complexity in the development stage.


INSTANT GLOSSY stands out for its wide range of oils in its composition, including chamomile, avocado, sunflower, and green tea oils. Although they have similarities, each oil has unique properties and composition, and their combination results in a rich product with various benefits. Chamomile oil contains quercetin, providing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, and it has exclusive pigments famous for maintaining shine in blonde hair.

Although better known for its nutritional value, avocado oil contains phytosterol lecithins, omega 9 (oleic acid), vitamins A, D, and a high content of vitamin E, which preserve hair color through antioxidant action and also maintain lubricity, softness, and shine of the hair, as well as acting as a sunscreen.

Sunflower oil's benefits include the nourishing, antioxidant, and anti-aging effects promoted by bioactive essential fatty acids, with the main ones being linoleic acid (60% omega 6) and oleic acid (20% omega 9), rich in minerals and vitamins, particularly vitamin E. Rich in emollients and natural conditioning agents for skin and hair, sunflower oil provides a pleasant texture to the cosmetic and has rapid absorption, aiding in hair restoration and promoting nutrition and protection.

Green tea oil is a source of bioactive flavonoids with potent antioxidant activity. It fights free radicals responsible for aging and protects against damage caused by exposure to UVB radiation. It acts as an astringent, promoting cleansing and balance for oily hair. Its composition contains an important polyphenol, epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which appears to stimulate hair growth and reduce the death of follicular cells by acting on the dermal papilla cells, which give rise to hair follicles.

Also, present in INSTANT GLOSSY, soy protein restores the hair's structure to its natural state, leaving hair more firm, structured, resistant, and with closed cuticles. It provides silkier and intensely shiny hair, promoting the regeneration of the internal structure of the hair, and preventing split ends. The use of soy protein in cosmetic products has the ability to partially replace detergent agents, retaining the ability to generate foam and improving the product's emulsifying properties. The benefits of the topical application of soy protein are especially interesting for people who adopt a vegan diet since this supplement's use shows an interesting "inside-outside" personal care strategy, which provides an improvement in the hair's appearance.


Found in INSTANT ARGAN, argan oil, also known as the "Moroccan gold," is a natural product that has a high content of vitamin E, fatty acids, mainly oleic acid (45% to 48%), and linoleic acid (32% to 35%), and beta-carotene. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that acts as a moisturizer and prevents hair loss. The lecithin present in argan oil is a mixture of glycolipids, triglycerides, and phospholipids that favor oil absorption, acting as a facilitator, mainly due to its emulsifying and emollient properties. Scientifically proven, the benefits of using argan oil can also be cited as promoting hair growth and proliferation and treating bleached hair, which is weakened by the bleaching process, and traditional shampoos and conditioners can damage the hair, while argan oil strengthens hair strands and helps retain the color.


Prominent component of INSTANT HYALOCOLLAGREEN, vegan collagen is produced by yeast or genetically modified bacteria fermentation, being obtained safely for human applications. Collagen molecules contain a large number of hydrophilic functional groups with excellent moisture absorption properties. Collagen peptides form a film on the surface of biopolymers that make up hair strands, especially if applied together with hyaluronic acid, which reinforces their mechanical strength. Collagen contains proline, an amino acid that also constitutes keratin, essential for hair, a fact associated with reducing hair loss and delaying the appearance of gray hair, in addition to the perception of overall hair improvement.


INSTANT SMOOTH features an extremely interesting blend of actives to confer substantivity to the hair strand and reduce frizz. Watercress Extract is an excellent stimulant, tonic, healing, and anti-inflammatory agent. It contains phenolic and flavonoid compounds, which have proven antioxidant activity. Additionally, it has a high availability of sulfur-containing compounds (glucosinolates) that are indicated for the safe treatment of dandruff. By massaging the scalp, stimulates circulation, reduces hair loss, and promotes hair growth.

Coconut Extract is rich in oil, minerals, sugar, proteins, and vitamins that nourish the hair from root to tip. Due to the polarity and affinity of this oil with hair proteins, it can penetrate the cortex, deeply hydrating the strands. It reduces the swelling of the hair fiber when exposed to water, assisting in fiber protection. Additionally, it reduces protein loss in damaged and undamaged hair, providing greater conditioning, volume, and shine to the hair. The vitamins also act as nutrients for the scalp.

Soy protein restores the hair's structure to its natural state, leaving it firmer, structured, resistant, and with closed cuticles. It provides silkier and intensely shiny hair, promoting the regeneration of the internal structure of the hair, and preventing split ends.

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