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NV Cysteamine 15


1. Ative Ingredients

Cysteamine HCL

2. Benefits


Illuminates the skin;

Evens skin tone;

Hyperpigmentation and Malasma tratment.

3. Usage


Facial gel-cream;




Products to standardize skin tone.

4. Properties

Produto Vegano
Produto Cruelty free
Cruelty free
Cdial Halal
Cdial Halal

NV Cysteamine 15

Nanovetores innovative encapsulation system enables the intelligent and safe delivery of Cysteamine while also ensures greater cosmetics efficacy and stability for the treatment of hyperpigmentation and Melasma.

Cysteamine is a very challenging ingredient to work with, our encapsulated version grants the following benefits: 

•Active ingredient stabilization;
•Improved active permeation and diffusion
through the skin layers;
•Controlled release;
•Improved illumination efficacy;
•Reduction of the active’s irritating effects on
the skin;
•Better treatment adherence;
•Acts in the barrier function maintenance
preventing transepidermal water loss.


Cysteamine (CSH) is a reducing aminothiol naturally formed in the body from the conversion of coenzyme A to pantetheine. Considered one of the most potent intracellular antioxidants, Cysteamine cell redox homeostasis. Cysteamine skin lightening effect is attributed to its antioxidant properties, with direct action in the stratum corneum. With a mechanism of action that involves its capacity to reduce melanin production, by inhibition of essential melanogenic enzymes , tyrosinase and peroxidase, also has a chelating effect on the copper ions needed in melanogenesis. Besides the antioxidant properties, the free thiol group of Cysteamine can interact with the disulfide bonds of peptides and proteins, and interfere in their functions. This way, cysteamine can act in several signaling pathways involved in proliferation, survival and influence on the expression of several redox-sensitive cellular genes.

Despite its innumerous and noticeable biological applications, cysteamine commercial potential is limited due to its unpleasant odor (attributed to the sulfur present in the molecule). Besides this, hygroscopicity, poor pharmacokinetic profile and the fact that cysteamine is highly susceptible to degradation due to its rapid oxidation by air difficult its application. With the goal to overcome these challenges, Nanovetores encapsulation technology is capable to reduce the active’s odor, enhance its stability and make the incorporation in cosmetic products easier. This improvement in the organoleptic characteristics makes the use of Cysteamine more pleasant, reducing skin irritation and allowing its continuous use, with superior results in the treatment of hyperpigmentation and Melasma.

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