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Nanovetores Achievements 2020/2021 and ISO 9001 Compliance Certification

Being part of the cosmetics market requires quality and compliance with safety and efficacy standards in health care. Recently, due to what many call "new reality", there has been a change in the consumers’ behavior, who have reorganized their routine and habits valuing care, well-being, sensory experience and comfort, besides, of course, the desire for fast results. To meet these market demands, the cosmetic industry must be adapted to high quality standards, which requires not only good products, but also well-defined and structured management processes, which provide care and commitment to information and, mainly, readiness to serve, prioritizing attention to the needs and expectations of customers and relevant stakeholders.

In addition to these market challenges, 2020 brought new ones. And to address them, it took a number of strategies change, adapting to new working methods, increasing safety and care measures. And in this context, the adoption of practices to address risks and opportunities became crucial. But we’ve adapted. Today we hold online fairs, meeting teams and partners across borders and we have been improving a lot in this regard.

The result of all the planted efforts and challenges overcome have been collected by Nanovetores, already in 2021 and it is with a feeling of gratitude and pride that we want to share in the midst of adversities some of our achievements! In this first semester we’ve harvested many results of good work and dedication to our purpose.

Nanovetores is an innovative company, located on the island of Florianópolis - SC, known for the development and industrialization of nano and microencapsulated active ingredients for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical segment. It has a trajectory of just over 10 years in the market and started with the realization of a dream, an academic project. With the skill union of Dr. Betina and Mr. Ricardo. She, a scientist, pharmacist and entrepreneur, graduated in Pharmacy at UFSC with emphasis on Pharmaceutical Technology and Nanotechnology, received a doctorate at UFSC and Université Bordeaux, France, and post-doctorate at UFSC. And her husband, Ricardo Henrique Ramos, business administrator at Esag/Udesc. The knowledge combination of both and with the visionary entrepreneurship led the company from startup classification to multinational.

Today, the company offers the market the combination of sustainability linked to technology, promoting well-being. Nanovetores developed the art of encapsulating actives with natural and biodegradable material with a focus on biodiversity, using water as a solvent, increasing the products efficacy, providing a long-lasting result and the success of an innovative production process on a global scale. The developed technology maximizes the performance of the active ingredients granting protection, deeper permeation, and control over the active ingredient release, granting enhanced efficacy in cosmetic, through fast and effective results of premium sensory.

Commitment to sustainability results in products designed and produced in clean and green processes. The products are manufactured using only water as solvent, the process is totally free of organic solvents, which ensures safety to the environment and end users.

From the beginning to this moment it has been led by a woman, scientist and entrepreneur, Dr. Betina, the company has been gaining space in Brazil and worldwide. Present in five continents, today it exports to 46 countries.

Along this trajectory, Nanovetores has been building a success story. Since its foundation, it has won several Awards that highlight the innovative differential and versatility of the team. Allied to the creative potential, it provided the expansion in the cosmetics and other industrial segments.

Concerned about meeting the world market high quality standards, the company has been adjusting to obtain certification of compliance in relation to these standards. And, in this 1st semester of 2021, it has earned the certification of its Quality Management System according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

The adoption of a Quality Management System is a strategic decision for an organization. ISO 9001:2015 certifies a company’s management form, based on a process approach that aligns with the P-D-C-A methodology and the use of a risk management mindset. The Quality Management System requirements specified in ISO 9001 are complementary to the requirements for the organization's products and services, being consistently integrated.

The potential benefits for an organization by implementing an ISO 9001-based Quality Management System are:

a) the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer requirements and the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements;

b) facilitate opportunities to increase customer satisfaction;

c) address risks and opportunities associated with its context and objectives;

d) the ability to demonstrate compliance with specified requirements of Quality Management Systems.

ISO is an international organization, responsible for developing and promoting quality standards that are standard for companies around the world. (Source: International recognition covers about 170 countries that use these standards, with nearly 900,000 company certificates worldwide, according to the ISO Survey report released in September 2020 for 2019.

In Brazil, currently, the number of valid certificates reaches almost 9,300, which for an universe of almost 17.5 million active companies, data taken from the portal, through the link, accessed on 07/13/2021, the number of certified companies currently represents less than 1% of this total of active companies. That's why certification is seen as a market differential. In the chart below, taken from the Portal Inmetro - Certifiq, accessed by the link, it is possible to observe this relationship.

Source: Inmetro - Certifiq, accessed in 13/07/2021.

In the state of Santa Catarina, whose volume of active companies is almost 890,000 (Source: ), the sum of companies that have obtained certification or recertification in the last 6 years results in 1,061, occupying the second place in the Brazilian states ranking, second only to São Paulo, with 5,382 companies with certification/recertification. (Source:

CertificadosConcedidosUF, History of certifications granted by UF, accessed on 07/13/2021).

In the chart below, we can see another interesting description, the Certificates History, of national and foreign companies, inside and outside the SBAC (Brazilian System of Conformity Assessment – Sistema Brasileiro de Avaliação de Conformidade) issued from 2016 to 2021, where compared again to the number of companies in our country, demonstrates that compliance with certification concerns a small minority.

Source: Inmetro - Certifiq, Valid Certificates, accessed on 07/13/2021.

What does this impact for the market and for our customers and suppliers? Increased reliability in the organization's processes and in the management of information interfaces. In addition to confirming commitment to compliance with the rules and regulations applicable to the company's products.

As important as the certificate, is to remain in compliance and, still in the perspective of ISO 9001 requirements, walk the route of continuous improvement because it requires management, time investment and information technology, as well as dedication and engagement of employees, partners, and customers.

It's a joint achievement. And in this way, to increase the celebration, Nanovetores celebrates the rates that exceed the expectation of the company’s growth. The company's strategic body set its growth target for 2021 to 43 percentage points. In this first semester, we celebrate a growth of 73% of revenues compared to the first half of 2020, which gives us the overcoming of expectations and gratitude to all who are part of our globality, customers, suppliers, directors and employees.

Motivated by the purpose of generating innovation and well-being, we continue in search of new challenges!


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