Masks' Usage Brings Innovation to Eye Area Care

In the July Webinar, our experts' team showed the importance of eye area care, which is increasingly in focus with the use of masks. Check out our eye-care innovations!

With the pandemic and the changes brought by COVID-19, we are facing a new normal, in the midst of this new reality which we are adapting, it is inevitable to highlight an object that has become indispensable in our routine and is already part of our appearance: masks. And with this new protection accessory, the eyes have become the face focal area.

Communication through the eyes is more present, it is from the eyes that you can see if someone is tired, interested in what you are talking about, happy, excited, surprised… Therefore, we must be more careful with this area in focus.

Studies show that COVID-19 is influencing the quality of sleep, stressing the periocular skin, increasing the signs of age, bags under the eyes and dark circles, which makes the eyes look tired. In addition, anxiety and stress, accentuated with the current situation, also affect the appearance of the eye area, accelerating skin aging.

This whole scenario influences the market for make-up and eye care products. It is important to consider that the periocular skin is very delicate and sensitive, thus, safety is a key element in products for this region. High performance, multifunctional and safe active ingredients are the solution for dermo-cosmetics for the eye area.

Nano Up Lift is a blend of Hyaluronic Acid and Senegal Acacia extract that provides immediate lifting effect, is a wrinkle filler, antioxidant and increases skin firmness and elasticity. This active has visible results with just 7 days of application.

Efficacy test - Cream with Nano Up Lift 10%

The NV Eternity combines Essential Oil of Palmarosa and Frankincense (known as the secret of the youthful appearance of Cleopatra).

The Frankincense helps in the collagen synthesis and prevents the overproduction of melanin, responsible for the formation of spots on the skin. The Palmarosa acts against free radicals and also acts in the collagen synthesis.

This powerful combination promotes cell renewal, reduces melasma and provides healthy-looking skin.

The Nano Eyelashes is composed of Jojoba extract, which promotes new hair follicles to grow and regenerate in a healthy way, thus, ensuring the growth and strengthening of eyelashes and eyebrows. Nano Eyelashes has proven efficacy!

In addition to all their benefits, these actives have the multifunctionality to promote hydration, which is fundamental for the good appearance of the skin. And in the eye region, the importance of hydration is even greater because the periocular skin has few sebaceous glands, thus, the hydration from the dermo-cosmetics is essential for a healthy appearance of the region.

The active ingredients are safe to be applied daily, ensuring maximum effectiveness; thanks to the natural characteristics of the ingredients and the Nanovectors encapsulation technology, which protects the active from oxidation (the most common cause of irritations).

Once inside the capsules, the ingredients are protected against interactions with the formula and air, which allows them to be released only at the action target. This also allows the dose to be lower, reducing the potential for allergic reactions. Using encapsulated active ingredients ensures safer and more efficient formulations!

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