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NV Glycolic Acid


1. Ative Ingredients

Glycolic Acid

2. Benefits

Skin rejuvenation;

Assists in the treatment of acne;

Smooths pores;

Improves skin texture;

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines;

Enhances luminosity.

3. Usage

Emulsions in general;

Gels and cream gels;


4. Properties

Produto Cruelty free
Cruelty free
Produto vegano


NV Glycolic Acid contains glycolic acid encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles, with an enzymatic release trigger. It has prolonged release, releasing about 80% of its content over 8 hours after product application. The encapsulation of the active ingredient through Nanovectors technology allows the stabilization of extremely sensitive and complex components to be formulated in their free form. Due to its acidic characteristic, glycolic acid may present undesirable effects such as erythema and pruritus, but these effects are reduced with NV Glycolic Acid, allowing for greater safety in its application in cosmetic products.


Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid that, when topically applied at low concentrations, reduces the thickness of the hyperkeratinized stratum corneum, promoting a reduction in the cohesion or adhesiveness between corneocytes and their layers. It has a natural origin in fruits, especially sugarcane, and has been used in cosmetics as a peeling agent, providing the normalization of the keratinization process, which is one of the factors associated with the appearance of acne.

The encapsulation of glycolic acid enables greater ease and flexibility to the formulator, as it does not have a direct effect on altering the pH of the formula. When encapsulated, the irritative effect of glycolic acid is reduced, making it indicated with greater safety for the treatment of acne, actinic keratoses, age spots, dry skin, and their variants.

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