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NV Age Freeze


1. Ative Ingredients

Mandelic Acid.

2. Benefits

Renewal of the skin;

Lightening agent;

Treatment of photoaging; 

Help with the care of acne vulgaris;

Improvement of skin texture; 

Reduction of the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Usage

Emulsões em geral;




4. Properties

Produto Vegano
Produto Cruelty free
Cruelty Free


NV AgeFreeze, formulated with fruit extract of Sichuan pepper nanoencapsulated in lipid particles greater than 200nm, ensures a precise release of the asset in the focus of action. Nanovetores' encapsulation technology increases the stability of the asset in relation to thermal conditions, luminosity and protects it against the action of oxidation. Furthermore, it enhances the permeation of the active ingredient into the skin, increasing the product effectiveness. Ideal for formulations that seek similar and complementary aesthetic effects to those of procedures using botulinum toxin, NV AgeFreeze works by relaxing the muscles without causing them to stop,offering a safe and efficient alternativefor skin rejuvenation

Sichuan Pepper

Originally from the homonymous region of Sichuan, in Southwest China, Sichuan pepper is a delicacy widely used in medicine traditional chinese. For centuries, it has been used to relieve symptoms such as itching and toothache, which earned him the nickname “Toothache Tree” or, in the literal translation, “Tree of Toothache".

This spice is notable for its ability unique in causing a feeling of numbness in the mouth, a characteristic attributed to the presence of hydroxyalkamides in its composition, especially a diastereomeric unsaturated amide known as α-hydroxy-sanshool. The sensations of numbness and tingling caused by α-hydroxy-sanshool can be interpreted as forms of transient paresthesia, which, in turn, can have an effect inhibitory effect on the neuromuscular junction.

This inhibition mechanism in the transmission of nerve signals at the neuromuscular junction are the result of the temporary effect that compounds such as α-hydroxy-sanshool exerts on the sodium and potassium channels of nerve cells. Such interaction can contribute to the relaxation of muscles, considering that the contraction process muscle starts from a nerve impulse, which, in this case, is being inhibited.

In this way, NV AgeFreeze contributes to the skin rejuvenation by promoting muscle relaxation, through inhibition of transmission of signals between nerves and muscles in the dermal layer. This effect not only smoothes expression lines and wrinkles, but also improves overall skin texture, offering an innovative approach to skin care based on active ingredients derived from natural sources

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