Most hair cosmetics cannot deeply treat and repair the hair, this is due to lack of affinity and low capillary permeation.

The biggest challenge in cosmetic products is the lack of adherence of the active ingredients to the hair strands due to incompatibility of the surface charge. The hair has a negative charge, therefore, the actives must have a positive charge to better adhere and permeate the capillary structure.

Nano Liss is a versatile and multifunctional active, due to surface charge control technology, the cationic (positively charged) nanoparticles deeply permeate, releasing the actives and restoring the hair strands. When thermoactivated, it promotes progressive alignment and capillary shielding, and when not thermoactivated it defines curls and reinforces the shaping of the strands' surface, providing shine, repair and softness.

Fast results
Fast results

Surface charge control
Surface charge control

Layer by Layer
Layer by Layer

Fast results
Fast results


1. What does the surface charge control on hair actives do?

The control over the nanocapsule surface charge developed by Nanovetores promotes better adherence to the hair strands, in addition to optimizing and enhancing the permeation of active ingredients for hair treatment.

4. What makes Nano Liss unique?

Due to its nanometric size, excellent stability and high affinity of the cationic particles (positive charge), the Nano Liss is able to deeply permeate and reconstruct the hair strands from the inside out, releasing the blend more efficiently.

2. What does the LbL (Layer by Layer) technique mean, what is the advantage?

It consists in the deposition of several layers of opposite charge, that is, the LbL process begins with the adsorption of a charged species on an opposite charge substrate, which leads to the inversion of the charge on the substrate surface. Its biggest advantage is being able to use any ingredient for hair treatment regardless of its charge.

3. Why using onion extract? Does the active or product smell like onion?

The onion extract is rich in flavonoids that are powerful antioxidants, it is excellent in cosmetic formulations due to its protective activity on the hair against oxidative processes. In addition, the active's encapsulation technology promotes the occlusion of any smell, both the active and the final product do not have onion characteristic odor.

5. Why is it considered a versatile active?

Nano Liss can be thermoactivated (using a hair straightener or hair dryer) and the action of heat breaks the biopolymer that makes up the particle and fuses to form a protective film on the strand promoting a progressive alignment effect. And when not thermoactivated it has the property of defining curls in wavy or curly hair, that is, it adapts easily to any hair structure.

6. What is Green Chemistry? Why use it?

The production processes based on the concepts of Green Chemistry are more sustainable, are water based and do not use organic solvents. In addition, the nanoparticles used by Nanovetores are biocompatible and biodegradable, reflecting our commitment to the environment and the well-being of people.


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