Most encapsulated fragrances contain microplastics, non-biodegradable, that end up in rivers and oceans, putting the environment at risk.

Unlike the products available on the market, Nano Sensations makes possible to develop fragrances  free of microplastics, without organic solvents, aqueous based and with 100% biodegradable capsules, respecting the environment. 

Nano Sensations is a fragrance encapsulation system in sustainable microcapsules, activated by the fricction trigger. The encapsulation through Nanovetores' technology protects the fragrance from oxidation and volatilization, allowing the scent to be released at the desired time. 

1. What are the applications of the Nano Sensations encapsulation system?

Nano Sensations allows the encapsulation of various types of fragrances, essences, essential oils and aromas. It can be used in cosmetic products and textile products.

2. How to ensure that Nano Sensations is free of microplastics?

Nano Sensations is a encapsulation system of fragrances, that are protected in biopolymeric nanoparticles, without microplastics. Nano Sensations biodegradability tests proved that its microparticles are 100% biodegradable.

3. How does the fricction trigger work?

In Nano Sensations, the fragrance is protected in microparticles, avoiding oxidation and volatilization. The fragrance is released only when the skin or fabric is rubbed. In this way, it is possible to perfume at the desired time. Just rub and the aroma will be released.

4. Why choosing Nano Sensations?
The Nano Sensations encapsulation system allows the development of sustainable encapsulated fragrances that do not harm the environment. As a major differential, Nano Sensations allows the development of fragrances without microplastics, without organic solvents, aqueous based and biodegradable. In addition, the active ensures  prolonged release of the fragrance at the desired time.

5. Can the Nano Sensations encapsulation system cause skin irritation?
In a safety test (request material)  performed with the active, it was proved no potential for dermal irritability and dermal sensitization. The product is considered  safe for topical use.

6. What is Green Chemistry? Why using it?
Production processes based on the concepts of Green Chemistry are more sustainable, water-based and do not use organic solvents. In addition, the nanoparticles used by Nanovetores are biocompatible and biodegradable, reflecting our commitment to the environment and people's well-being.


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