Conventional cosmetic treatments for cellulite take time to be effective and to show visible results. 

Most anti-cellulite dermocosmetics act superficially on the skin and are not very effective. In addition, caffeine, which is an active reference in the treatment of cellulite, was considered difficult to solubilize and limited the formulation of high performance cosmetics.

Nano Cellulitech has visible results right after the first application because the blend encapsulation enhances the action of the active ingredients and guarantees high permeation. In addition, the use of encapsulated actives, including caffeine, facilitates the development of more stable, effective cosmetic formulations with maximum delivery of benefits and results.

1. How Nano Cellulitech ensures results so fast?

Through encapsulation technology, the active are able to permeate even the deepest layers of the epidermis and have controlled release on the action target, acting more efficiently and providing visible results one hour after the first application.

4. Caffeine has low water solubility, how does Nano Cellulitech guarantee an effective formulation?

Due to the Nanovetores' high encapsulation technology, the capsules are multifunctional, they work synergistically with the encapsulated ingredients to increase the benefits of their use.

2. What is the differential in relation to other actives in the market?

Encapsulation allows the creation of a highly effective blend for the treatment of cellulite, with technology and intelligent permeation that acts on the action target by burning localized fat and improving microcirculation.

3. How does the blend of Nano Cellulitech's natural actives act in reducing cellulite and reducing measures?

Caffeine is a substance that is characterized by being a reducing agent of lipogenesis and promoting lipolysis, in addition to improving blood microcirculation. Green Tea Oil acts synergistically with caffeine, enhancing the lipolytic action and promoting the activation of the microcirculation. Arnica Montana oil, on the other hand, has an anti-inflammatory action and the Essential Oil of Palmarosa has antioxidant activity, also acting in toning and cell regeneration.

5. What are the advantages of using nanotechnology to fight cellulite?

Because they are protected in nanoparticles, the active ingredients are more stable and are delivered to the action target, reducing localized fat and inflammation effectively, presenting fast results and action with prolonged effect, which can reach up to 8 continuous hours.

6. What is Green Chemistry? Why using it?

The production processes based on the concepts of Green Chemistry are more sustainable, are water based and do not use organic solvents. In addition, the nanoparticles used by Nanovetores are biocompatible and biodegradable, reflecting our commitment to the environment and the well-being of people.


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