Ascorbic acid is the most active form of Vitamin C, but also the most unstable, which made it impossible to formulate really effective cosmetics.

In cosmetics, the active in its free form is easily oxidized due to interactions with air, light and temperature, which generates loss of its properties and benefits. Several more stable derivatives have been developed, however ascorbic acid is the most effective.

Nanovetores has exclusively developed the active ingredient NV Ascorbic Acid, with greater stability to heat and light - 6 TIMES MORE STABLE, guaranteeing the protection of the active against the effects of oxidation and enabling the development of more effective ascorbic acid-based cosmetics.

1. Why choose NV Ascorbic Acid?

NV Ascorbic Acid is composed of the original Vitamin C molecule, ascorbic acid itself. It is the only active available on the market that does not undergo oxidation due to the protection of the active in biopolymeric nanoparticles. When compared in stability with the active in the free form, it proved to be 6 times more stable.

2. What is the pH indicated for formulations with NV Ascorbic Acid?

The pH of formulations with NV Ascorbic Acid must be less than 4.0, with its maximum efficiency at pH less than 3.0.

3. Knowing that Ascorbic Acid is very sensitive and unstable, how does NV Ascorbic Acid remain active and guarantee stability even during the formulation and storage process?

The particles protect the Ascorbic Acid, which is only released through an enzymatic trigger on the action target. Therefore, the activity and stability of Ascorbic Acid are preserved, without it being degraded or oxidized during the formulation and storage processes.

4. What are the incompatibilities of the active?

The active is incompatible with ethanol and formulations with a pH greater than 4.0.

5. How does nanotechnology mimic nature?

The protection of Ascorbic Acid in nanoparticles can be seen in the same way as the protection of Vitamin C in the small segments of citrus fruits, such as orange and lemon. Vitamin C remains active in the fruit because it is naturally protected by the juice sac, which in turn are protected by the outer layer of the orange (or lemon) and the peel. Nanovetores' encapsulation technology mimics nature by protecting and conserving Vitamin C activity in biocompatible and biodegradable nanoparticles.

6. What is Green Chemistry? Why using it?

The production processes based on the concepts of Green Chemistry are more sustainable, are water based and do not use organic solvents. In addition, the nanoparticles used by Nanovetores are biocompatible and biodegradable, reflecting our commitment to the environment and the well-being of people.


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